Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Christmas and Boxing Day Haul

Christmas and Boxing Day are the time of year when you can go all out (shopping wise) to spoil yourself and your loved ones, without feeling as guilty as you usually would due to the immense amount of sales around!

This year, my family were particularly stumped on what to get me for christmas, so they asked some suggestions, and I pointed them in the right direction. By that, I mean I went out and bought these two with the intention of buying them for myself, until they hijacked them for gifts for me!

During the Black Friday sales, Sigma were having a single day of free worldwide shipping, and I jumped at the chance to finally own some sigma brushes. I ordered the E55 eye shading, the E25 blending, F80 Flat top synthetic kabuki, and for purchases over $30, you got a free gift of a travel size E25. These became a gift from my sister.

I've been wanting a new perfume for ages, particularly one for summer, so when Myer were having 10% off cosmetics and fragrances, I went in and picked up Oh! Lola by Marc Jacobs! I love this scent, as it's light and fruity - perfect for these warmer months. This became the gift from my parents.

For those of you who don't know, Boxing Day resembles the American Black Friday - major shopping centres open really early and heaps of stores have amazing sales and deals! This year, we got up early to go to Chadstone, and overall it was pretty good - decent sales everywhere, and got quite a few good bargains. Apart from clothes, I bought a few bits and pieces I'm super excited about!

I went to Myer, the department store holding all high end cosmetic brands, not expecting any high end beauty sales, but I found Benefit were having 50% off all gift sets! I bought the Boxing Day Beauty Box for $49, which is still a bit pricey, but given the two full sized items retail for over $50, I think it's reasonable. I was also drawn to it for the Hoola bronzer, and the Bad Gal Lash, that I'm ecstatic to finally try!

Last year, we went to the Napoleon Perdis counter which had 50% off gift sets and picked up quite a haul. I wasn't planning to go this year, but I received a voucher for my birthday, so I wandered in, and found the most 'Me' palette ever! It's mostly neutral shades, with 4 eyeshadows, 4 blushes and 4 lip colours combined to create the Desk to Dusk palette. I picked it up for $34.50, and it has great pigmentation and colour ranges, so I predict this will get great usage!

The last beauty related thing I purchased was from Lush. They were having 50% off all christmas products. Let me tell you, there were some crazy people there! People who had been waiting for hours just to get shower gel, ones hauling around two baskets filled to the brim with the gift sets and single products - given they were a great price, $150+ is a bit excessive in my opinion! I ended up purchasing the Gingerbread house tin containing 2 bubble bars and 3 bath ballistics down to $13.98, a chunk of Snow Globe soap and 2 Santa bath bombs. Not much, but they'll last for a while!

Now I'm not doing this to brag in anyway, I just know that I love reading and watching posts like this, so I thought I'd share one too! If you'd like a review on anything, just give me a shout out in the comments.

What did you end up getting for Christmas, beauty related or otherwise?
Love Gianna


  1. Wow! You did pretty well for yourself at boxing day sales!
    I hope you had a wonderful Christmas & a Upcoming happy new year :)

  2. Excellent haul! I grabbed the Napoleon lipgloss set - at the 50% off price it works out at 5 glosses for the price of 1. How can a girl resist a bargain like that!

  3. Awesome haul!
    BADgal lash is awesome. :)

  4. Some seriously good hauling here lovely :)

  5. thank you so much for dropping by maquillager :) it's so exciting to see another beauty blogger from melbourne (not sydney haha).
    i have the sigma flat top kabuki brush too and i love it so much!!

  6. nice! x

    p.s. I'm having a giveaway from fox house if you'd like to check it out. :)

  7. Nice haul, I like it! Specially the kabuki brush, I've read very good opinion of it!
    Happy new year, I join your blog! :)

  8. Hi, just letting you know that I think you have a great blog and I have nominated you for a Liebster Blog award. See the nomination post here http://shelld79.blogspot.com/2012/01/liebster-blog-award-yay.html

  9. Ohhh, a very good haul! The Oh Lola perfume is gorgeous!