Sunday, 11 December 2011

Review: Bourjois Volumizer Mascara

'Two looks in one mascara. Natural or Killer volume! You decide.'

This Bourjois Volumizer Mascara claims to build up to 11x more volume in just two mascara steps, whilst also having the option to go for a natural or dramatic look.

Let me tell you, this mascara is amazing! Do not pass it by if you have the chance to buy it! It even comes in black and brown to suit everyone's general needs. This is a must-have mascara!

This is another one of those increasingly popular two step mascaras for increasing definition. I've never used any of those, but if they're anything like this, I certainly will be. This mascara uses the same brush head, but the brush for step one has the majority of the mascara squeezed off, leaving a more natural look, as opposed to the thick heavy look achieved by having the full, laden brush.

Step one brush 
The stick on the step 2 brush squeezes off all the excess mascara, providing the natural look

Step 2 brush
Considering how full this brush is, having nothing to remove the excess mascara, the thick formula coats the brush, providing an extremely volumized and lengthened look

I've used the Step 1 before as a single step, but I have other mascara's that I have for a natural look. I'd rather use this for the extremely amazing lashes it provides.

Before: no mascara

After: a few coats of each step 1 and 2

As you can see, these two steps combined really do provide dramatically volumized lashes, even more so in person! I'm yet to try the brown one out, but after this, I am excited to do so. I think this will be great for a really dark smokey eye.

As you can tell, I love this product, and I think it is actually better than my Maybelline Falsies (dare I say). I would recommend it to everyone.

Do you have any amazing mascara's you recommend?
Love Gianna


  1. That looks amazing! I must go and check this out!

  2. Great mascara, isn't it? I picked it up last week and I must say I am loving it! Good review!

    Happy New Year!