Saturday, 24 December 2011

Review and Swatches: NYX Round Lipsticks - First ever NYX products!

Any beauty blogger, reader, watcher or enthusiast who has seen American beauty videos will know of the brand NYX. NYX is a drugstore brand with great quality products at amazing prices, and sadly predominately available in America. I grew greatly jealous over time of the products people had, so finally, I set out to buy some. I found a seller on eBay who offered a bulk deal of 6 at an extremely reasonable price and set off. When they finally came in the mail, I was ecstatic! 

Let me tell you, from what I have seen, these lipstick do not disappoint. The light fruity smell, smooth consistency and amazing variety of colours can do nothing but invite people in to want the whole collection!

I ordered 6 colours, in a variety of shades. I bough a a few brights, a nude, and a darker shade, and overall, I am quite happy with them.

Spellbound is a gorgeous blue toned muted fushia pink. It's not dramatically bright, but its wearable enough to brighten either a day or evening look. It's different to any other pink I own, but I can imagine this getting more use than many of the others.

Pumpkin Pie is a gorgeous light peach toned neutral colour. I picked this believing it would be a nude colour, but being a colour only a few shades different to my natural lip colour, it is a beautiful colour for the spring and summer.

Femme is a bright, red toned coral shade. At first thought it slightly resembled and orange-toned red I owned and thought it clashed with my skin tone, but after some coaxing I believe it will certainly get some use.

Tea Rose is another blue toned pink, but rather more of a soft pink. With the brighter, deep blue undertones, it is a colour that is not soft enough for a nude, but still a good colour to spice a day look. This is definitely one of my favorites.

Herades is a red brown shade - a deep colour that is more red than brown. This was the colour I was most surprised by, as it was much darker than I expected, and not something that I would usually wear, due to the brown tones. I'll to incorporate it, but I imagine this colour getting less wear than the others. To top off my annoyance, due to the ridiculous heat in Melbourne, I think it melted a bit and broke off at the base. This colour does not seem to want to work for me, but I won't give in.

Fig is another blue toned pink. You might be thinking, 'What?! Another pink?' but I should reassure you that they are three different pinks. This is a gorgeous light pink that could pass as a nude, but still provides that splash of colour to your face. This is certainly one of my favorites!

From Left: Spellbound, Pumpkin Pie, Femme, Tea Rose, Herades, Fig

I love these lipsticks! The scent, consistency and colours are just amazing, and overall I'm really happy with the colours I chose. I do have certain favorites though, and those have to be Pumpkin Pie and Fig.

Do you have Nyx products? Which ones would you recommend?
Love Gianna


  1. Pumpkin pie and Fig look incredible! I have been hearing about these for ages and I was debating whether or not I should get them. I think it might have to be a Christmas present for myself!
    Thanks so much for this post!

  2. I have used some NYX products but I am new to their lipsticks & just got my first few within the last 2 weeks. I also have Pumpkin Pie and it is actually my favorite of the NYX Round lipsticks so far. I use NYC Nude York City lipshine on top of Pumpkin Pie and it gives more of a nude look. Great choices here! Stumbled over from the Monday Beauties blog hop :)

    -- Mina

  3. I love nyx lippies! Really want an orange one.

  4. I have been using the NYX HD Eye Primer for months now. IMO it's better than UD Primer Potion! I haven't used any of their other products though but this lipsticks look great!!

    I found you through the Monday Beauties Blog Hop & am now following you!

  5. Fun! I wish I had more of a selection of NYX lipsticks at the Ulta by my house. I'm dying to try their black label ones but I'm so finicky about colors I don't want to order them off the internet.

    I found you through the Monday Beauties Blog Hop and I am now following you. http://

  6. Oh so glad to see a swatch of Pumpkin Pie - it's my favourite colour (along with perfect and iced honey).

  7. I have Pumpkin Pie and Femme.. love them both! I adore NYX products

  8. What a good choice!! I just love all my NYX products. Next time you're on the hunt you should look for some red NYX lipsticks, the best reds I have ever used or found! Better than MAC lipsticks!!