Sunday, 4 December 2011

Review: Maybelline Master Liner

New Maybelline waterproof Master Liner Cream Pencil.
Bolder, Smoother, Unlike any other.

The new Maybelline Master Liner is a waterproof, wind up cream liner that claims to have a creamy soft glide and intense colour, whilst being smudge-proof and waterproof.

Let me tell you, this wind-up baby lives up to claims. This pigmented crayon, which may take an extra swipe or two to reach full opacity, provides a smooth, super black line that really does not budge. I swatched this on my hand during the day, and it was still (although a little lighter) there later that night. Even under water, it still take a bit of scrubbing, or some quick makeup remover, to take it off. Rubbing it with your hand does not smudge or lessen the intensity of this liner at all!

Left - swiped once, Right - swiped twice

As you can see, unless you're going for a natural, or lighter eye definition, it may take a couple of coats to get a nice dark line, which can look just as good as a nicely applied liquid liner. I did have to work it a bit to get a dark line on my eye because the first coat was sheer, so it did take longer then, say, my Rimmel Eye Kohl Pencil to apply, but looked nicer and lasted longer. It also lasted on the waterline quite well. Given, on the day I tried it on my waterline I did have hay fever and therefore runny eyes, so it might have lasted longer. I did get home to see some remnants on the edge of the waterline, quite a few hours later, which I found extremely impressive when comparing it to the stay power of a regular pencil eyeliner.

It may take some getting used to, but this cream liner is definitely growing on me, and I am certainly reconsidering purchasing this pencil, if my collection has decreased in size!

Have you found any amazing eyeliners later?
Love Gianna


  1. Good to find a positive review for an eyeliner! They seem to be so critical these days :D I haven't tried any good liners, but I did try the NYX slim eyeliner and let's just say that it was not meant to be anywhere near your waterline(:

  2. i totally love this liner.. love your review Gianna..keep it up :D

  3. how much is it?