Monday, 19 December 2011

5 Lip Products to get you through the Holiday Season

No matter how you choose to spend your holidays, one thing for certain is that it is a truly hectic time for everyone. Parties, events, shopping, holiday's and catchups - you name it, you'll most likely do it. In this time, you'll probably try to rush through your routine, and with these five lip products you'll have enough variety for a multitude of looks.

If I were going away for the holiday season, whether I lived in a country going through summer or winter, these would be the 5 lip products I would pack!

The Berry Lipstick
Berry shades are lovely for any season - bright enough for summer time, or warm enough for the winter. It brings the festivity to your look, without being as bold as a red lip, and is simply a flattering shade.
Pictured: Rimmel Lasting Effect in 05

The Glittery Red Gloss
Sometimes a bold statement lip is fun, so why not have a lip reminiscent of traditional christmas colours. You can't get more christmasy then a bright, glittery red lip, so why not try something different to brighten up a look?
Pictured: NP Set Lip Gloss in St John

The Red or Pink Lip Liner
For those times when you want a bit of colour, but don't want a complete statement lip. These are perfect because you can have a sheer slick of colour, or build it up for a bright pop. Topped with a clear slick of gloss, this will last for ages and give your look some colour.
Pictured: Napoleon Perdis Lipliner in Rubis

The Nude Gloss
The holiday season is a time when people can experiment with bright and fun eye looks, which means muted down lips. A nude gloss (my preference is a pink toned one) adds the slightest bit of colour and shine to your face, without being too overpowering.
Pictured: Covergirl AmazeMint Slaphappy

The sheer/nude based, glittery gloss
Not so much as a statement as the glittery red, but more of a statement then the nude, this gloss adds a pop to your look without being too overbearing. The nude base keeps your look more simple, whilstthe  glitter adds shine, and a pop to your look.
Pictured: Napoleon Perdis Gloss Patrol in Cairo

Top with flash, Bottom no flash
From left to right: Rimmel Lipstick, Napoleon Perdis Gloss Patrol, Covergirl AmazeMint, NP Set Lip Gloss, Napoleon Perdis Lipliner

The holidays are one of my favorite times of the year, so it should be no surprise that my lips should represent the festivities! I really recommend you trying to add some of these to your collection!

What are your favorite lip looks for christmas?
Love Gianna

P.S So it wasn't on purpose that I happened to choose mostly Napoleon Perdis products, but it just so happens that they happen to be some of the most glittery and festive in my collection.


  1. Nude is my favourite type of lip. Im still on the hunt trying to find the perfect red!

  2. I love this post, my favourite lippie is the NP Gloss Patrol in Cairo - gorgeous!

  3. I really love the sparkle glosses right now