Friday, 23 December 2011

Christmas Beauty Wishlist

So Christmas is this Sunday, and although I didn't physically wish for something, in my head, there were many beauty related things I wish for!

  1. Mac Products - I bought my first MAC foundation a while back, and I adore it! I wish the Australian prices weren't so dear, but needless to say, I wish for, well, basically everything!
  2. Inglot eyeshadows - I bought an empty freedom palette to ensure that I gradually build up a collection
  3. Benefit Box Blushes - Coralista and Bella Bamba are up the top of my list. They look so pretty and even though are pretty similar to others in my collection, are tickling my fancy.
  4. A Sephora or Ulta to open up in Australia - no need for an explanation. This wish involves all American brands stocked, with American Prices
  5. Real Techniques and Sigma Makeup Brushes - I've heard great things about these brands, and would love to try them!
  6. An American friend - I would love an American penpal of sorts, to befriend, to do swaps with, and to buy stuff and have them send it too me.
What did you ask for for Christmas, beauty related or otherwise?
Love Gianna

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  1. Oh my goodness - number 4 would be AMAZING!
    Nice list!