Sunday, 30 October 2011

To buyers of Mac Cosmetics, I have a question...

So i've been watching and reading numerous beauty videos and blogs, and see the numerous guru's with large collections of MAC products.  I couldn't figure out how fifteen year olds had these massive collections, until i realized the incredible price differences between Australian mac cosmetics and other countries.

What I've heard America's pay for their MAC products, is what we in Australia would be paying for better 'drugstore' products, such as Revlon.

Here are just a few of the price differences:
  • Eyeshadow - $33AU/$18US/£11.50
  • Lipstick$36AU/$17.50US/£13.50
  • Powder Blush - $41AU/$23.50US/£17
  • Studio Fix Fluid Foundation - $49AU/$32.50US/£19.50

I know of many Australia's who do buy Mac products, but I was wondering, if you had to start buying MAC at Australian prices, as opposed to the ones you are used too (whether it be US dollars or Pounds etc) would you continue to purchase them? I know I would certainly have a whole collection of MAC for US prices!!

Love Gianna


  1. Aha, so that is why they have so much Mac stuff!

  2. Most of the time I'm too poor to buy MAC even though I live in the U.S. lol. I wish I had a bigger collection.

  3. I was actually pretty shocked when I found this out. A friend of mine has moved from the UK to Australia and they've noticed how much more expensive things are over there.

    Personally, although some MAC products are pretty awesome, I'm not in any position to start a collection. (Even at UK prices). :p

    (Sorry for the essay of a comment. Liking your blog. I found the link through Mondays Beauty Blog Hop & I'm following!) xo

  4. MAC is my favorite and always will be, I am strictly and eye shadow and mascara girl. New follower from blog hop Please follow back if you are interested

    HappY Halloween!!

  5. MAC is my favourite too! I have amassed a good collection over the last 4 years - as most products (like eyeshadows) last for a long time.

    In my native Brazil, it would be quite impossible for me the buy MAC at the same rate (unless you get it from duty free shops) - the prices are over inflated, for example, a £13,50 lipstick is around R$85 (more than double!)Shocking!

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  6. Haha Camdice, exactly! I get so jealous :p

    Xtina, that does kinda makes sense, because just like ours, I guess to you where prices are much cheaper it would seem overpriced :/

    Sarirah, I'm in the same boat! I've been looking around and trying to figure out what is worth it to splurge on, but considering even drugstore products can be pricey, sometimes it not even an option :/

    Haha Becca that's so cool.mive heard great things about Mac eyeshadows :)

  7. Dani, I kind of think the same way. I figuring I put money into something that won't dry out ( and will last) then it will be a good investment to have. Unfortunately I don't always have all that money :p


  8. I thought it was expensive in US money hehe so I really feel your pain now seeing the prices :(

    However, I would buy Dolly Mix blush,and I am about to do a fave MAC eyeshadow post this week so I will let you know which ones I suggest you get and which ones are dupable :)

  9. I had NO idea there was such a difference! That's crazy! Hi! New follower from Monday Beauties Blog Hop! I hope you'll stop by and follow back! Thanks! Through the Eyes of a Tiger

  10. The reason I have SO MUCH Mac products is that I get them directly from the States. Lucky me for having people send them over for me.

    But if suddenly, there was no such thing as postage to australia from the states then no.
    I would not purchase as much. I would purchase items such as foundation at the AU price.
    But items such as lipsticks and eyeshadows can be found from different brands for a much lower price! Such as NYX!!
    it is quite ridiculous how much we pay!

    Having said all that, I once had a talk with my penpal about US/AU pricing. She is the one that sends me all the products from the States.
    Their minimum wage is A LOT lower than ours and they get charged 7% tax on everything upon check out!