Monday, 17 October 2011

Review: BYS Wonderland Nail Enamel in Down the Rabbit Hole

At first, I was very reluctant to try any BYS products of any kind, after I smelt the first nail polish and swear I got a little high of the fumes. I thought they were just a cheaper form of drugstore products, but after going through numerous brilliant beauty blogs (A+ for alliteration!), I began to reconsider my opinion. So many beauty guru's which I am huge fans of rave by many of the products, so I thought I'd give it a try. I was originally looking for the blush in Coral, which seems to be a huge hit among beauty bloggers, but i was stopped by the nail polishes rack - row upon row of the biggest variety of colours and types of products that i was just in awe. I was looking for a glow in the dark one mentioned by shellbarbie in a haul, but after scanning the racks and not seeing that one, and deciding to limited myself one polish, my eyes fell on this beauty.

I saw  beautiful black polish dotted with, not so much shimmer, but those silver sparkles that have the rainbow effect when in the light. When I tried it on though, it was very opaque - it was quite sheer and had the effect of a tinted black top coat. I continued, simply because any nail colour with sparkles automatically has my vote, and after three coats, you almost couldn't see my nail. I then decided to compare it as a top coat over a plain black polish:
(the left three: black with the top coat, one on the right: three coats of Down the Rabbit Hole)
As you can see, a couple more coats would have had it to full colour.

From what I can tell from the name, Down the Rabbit Hole, it appears to be a mini Alice in Wonderland collection, with two other colours in the collection named Adventures in Wonderland (a greeny multicoloured sparkle colour), and Through the looking glass (a bright blue with sparkles). They're all pretty colours, and can't wait for the rest!!

What do you think? Any other BYS products you would recommend?


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