Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Review: Rimmel 'The Kate Collection' Long Lasting Lipstick

(left: no. 14 - right: no. 05)

I've been hearing some great things about the new Kate Collection Long Lasting Lipsticks, which were released to celebrate the ten year anniversary of Kate Moss being that face of Rimmel London. After a poor excuse for my management exam, I sauntered over to my local Priceline (which is disappointingly small) and wouldn't you have it, they were there! There were only about 5 colours and no testers, so after eying at a few, I found a darker nude colour that I liked. It was a bit of a gamble, but hey, it's basically a part of history. After looking through them all, I happen to spot a single tube of a different colour, which happened to be a gorgeous darker berry pink, and not owning any pink lipsticks myself, snatched it up without a thought.

(Top: no. 14 - Bottom: no. 05)

Truthfully, there is not much fault with these two lipsticks. I haven't tested the staying power per se, but the consistency rivals that of my Dior Diorific lipstick (which is to say it's reaaaaaaaaaaally smooth), and is also pretty creamy. There is a fragrance to it that's hard to describe - its not a bad smell, but doesn't really tickle my fancy. Never really smelt a lipstick like that, but hey, its unique.

Overall, the Kate Collection Long Lasting Lipsticks are great lipsticks! There is a great range of colours, particularly a beautiful rich red (which, if i didn't have so many reds, would have bought  too), and my favorite, the no. 05 berry pink.

I'd definitely purchase more of these lipsticks! I'm actually considering going to stock up on 05, simply so I never run out it.

Have you tried the Kate Collection lipsticks yet? Would you be willing too?


  1. Hey
    Thanks for stopping by on my blog! Now I have another wonderful blog to follow! I look forward to your upcoming posts!

  2. WOW absolutely love No14! I love nude lipsticks and it looks like I'll be adding that to my collection soon!


  3. Candice: Thanks love :)

    Vicky: It's really such a gorgeous collection! I hope they become permanent colours!


  4. Ooooo that pink looks so pretty!!

  5. oh wow! i didnt realise how bright number 5 was!

  6. such pretty colors. i am always scared to wear something so bright though... maybe i'll try it now.. :) great blog-lovely reviews, and nicely written. enjoyed looking through your posts, and i am your new follower. hoping we can stay connected. cheers!