Sunday, 16 October 2011

Products I regret buying

Now when I buy products, unless something immediately catches my eye (like many above) or I desperately need something I know I can't really go wrong with, I look into it a bit before I spend my hard earned moolah. These products above, may not necessarily be bad brands or products, its just that I wouldn't recommend them or buy them again.

Napoleon Perdis Champagne Set
I generally like the Napoleon products I've tried - I'm a big fan of the lipsticks and glosses, so when I saw this product I jumped at the chance to have a, basically, all in one makeup kit to chuck in my bag. The added bonus was that I picked it up on day with a massive sale, so scored it for around AU$30. The set comes with 18 eyeshadows, 4 blushes and 4 glosses (under the flap) but, after all this time,  I have seriously only used the peach and pinky red blush more than 3 times. The glosses aren't too bad, just too small and too much of a hassle to get out and use in a rush, but it was the eyeshadows that were the major disappointment. I originally chose this set for the gorgeous variety of neutrals that I could use for just about everything, but when tried, the pigmentation was shocking. When I tried to take a shot of some of them, it wouldn't even come up on camera. 

Such little payout for many hard rubs on each colour + the itchness that occurs whenever I wear these colours = big disappointment in the Champagne set

Rimmel I love Lasting Finish in 260 Sunshine and O.P.I in What's with that Cattitude
The Rimmel polish, the yellow shade, I picked up as an impulse purchase whilst waiting at the checkout at Priceline. I was looking for a bright summer shade, and at AU$2.35, I thought it was too good to pass up. The problem was, not only did it look horrible with my skin tone, when I applied it with my OPI base coat then later removed it, my nails were stained yellow. After multiple attempts in later days at scrubbing at my nails with nail polish remover, they were still tinged yellow, as they were 3 weeks later.

I didn't think 'lasting finish' meant after the nail polish was removed.

I am a huge O.P.I fan. I'm always browsing new collections on the website and ebay for old polishes that I haven't been able to find, so when I came across the Shrek collection and saw the colours, I was super excited! They looked like the perfect spring/summer colours, with a nice range of pastels and brights, and the names were even better. I picked up Ogre-the-Top (a bright sky blue), Funkey Dunkey (lovely bright/darker purple) and What's with that Cattitude (a pastel, baby blue). All the colours were great, the only problem I had was with the last mentioned. It looks gorgeous in the bottle, but even after 3 coats, it was still sheer, and my nail could be seen under the polish.

I love the colour, but don't want to have to spend an hour doing 10 coats to get full coverage.

Revlon Colour Stay 12 Hour Eyeshadow in Berry Bloom
This was the first ever Revlon eyeshadow set I've ever bought, and it was purchased last year when I was beginning to experiment more with makeup and colours. I was highly impressed with the product itself - nice, sleek and sturdy packaging, the consistency of the product incredibly smooth, and the pigmentation of these is excellent, as is the colours (not shown half as nicely in the picture as they truly are). The problem I have with this palette is the colours itself - I have no idea what possessed me to buy these colours! I never wear pink, never really have and most likely never will, unless it is on my nails. It doesn't even really suit my skin tone or 'bring out my eyes'. 

I love the colour stay range, and this product itself lives up to standard, but this product purchase was a faux pas made by me and only me.

Formula 10.0.6 Face The Day Tinted Moisturizer
So I bought this at the start of the year, when I had no knowledge about tinted moisturizers. I just thought they were slightly tinted and knew nothing about some of them having a shade range, so I purchased this for about AU$10, thinking it would just work. I've used other 10.0.6 products and really liked them, especially the pore strips and mud masks, so automatically thought that about this too. I opened this up, and the first thing i noted was the darkness. I've seen other tinted moisturizes to know that not many are this colour, especially when its the only colour in the range. I assumed it would be lightly tinted, or for more fair skin-toned people, rather than looking like a fake tan. I tried blending it out, but as you can see above, it really doesn't make a difference to the colour.

The product itself wasn't so bad, with nice consistency and adequate smell, but if I wanted to look like an orange, I'd buy a bad fake tan.

These products aren't necessarily bad, just rather products I wouldn't recommend or buy again. 
What do you think? Any products you think other people should watch out for?

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  1. Great post! It's great to know what products didn't work for someone.

  2. Ahh, I HATE when nail varnish stains your nails, especially because I like to wear clear acrylics quite often so it shows through & looks awful!

  3. Oh my goodness, I had the same thing with the tinted moisturiser. I bought it without even thinking and found that the colour was insanely orange! So disappointing because I loved their mud mask!