Sunday, 1 January 2012

Mini Polish Haul

I was in a local department store, Big W, just recently looking at the amazing book sale, when I passed the checkout and saw a bucket of NYC nail polish. This bucket full of colours would attract anyone, but what drew me in was the price tag of $2 each! With summer coming up, I thought a few bright colours would be welcome into my collection.

The three colours I picked up were Blue Bottle, Mint Leaf and Peachy Keen. Relatively simple, yet effective names for these polishes, but these names, were partly what drew me in. I've been looking for a peachy nude, as well as a bright green for summer, and anything blue is most likely going to become mine, so these polishes were warmly welcomed.

From Left: Bottle Blue, Mint Leaf, Peachy Keen

Excuse the hurried job, but it was really just to test the consistency of these polishes, which do not disappoint! These polishes apply smoothly and have no pungent smell, but the green and peach were a little more sheer than the blue. Those two reached opacity in 3 coats, whereas the blue reached opacity in 2. Quite impressive for the price

For $2, I can find no fault in these polishes! Brands like NYC and BYS have been questioning my previous thoughts that the cheaper the product the worse the quality, because so far I have been impressed with nearly everything I've tried! I would highly recommend these polishes!

Have you found any amazing bargain buys lately?
Love Gianna

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