Monday, 30 January 2012

To the Aussie's out there who buy from the USA

Hello my lovelies! How are you all today? Lately, I've been reading some Aussie blogs where people have done bulk buys from overseas - American companies and websites that do not ship to Australia. And I wS just wondering how you do it.

There are so many products I'd love to try out that are either not available in Australia, or just have been ridiculously marked up in price, and then I see bloggers paying much cheaper from the American counterparts. I know there are websites that do ship to Australia, such as Cherry Culture, All Cosmetics Wholesale or Benefit, but they have ridiculous shipping costs if you don't spend over a certain amount. There are also sites like Tanty Cosmetics and Crush Cosmetics, but I've heard reviews that they still have quite marked up prices.

Do you have any websites, recommendations or suggestions on how you do it?
Love Gianna


  1. I'm really lucky I have a penpal from the States!

    Also The Beasy and Beauty is hosting a Valentine's beauty swap. I dont know if you've heard of it but here's the link.

    1. Oh that's so lucky! I've been looking around trying to see if anyone's interested, but a lot of people at financially tight at the moment I guess.

      I saw that. It might be interesting actually!
      Thanks love :)

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  3. A lot of people use mail forwarding services like Hop Shop Go or Parcel it On. I haven't used one myself, but they seem pretty easy to use.

  4. Found you via blog hop. As above you need to contact a parcel forwarding service. They have various options available to choose from.

  5. Thanks ladies. I've been looking up some of these services, and it's probably cheaper to try and buy the products in Australia :P

  6. Hi Gianna

    I found your blog on the beauty blog hop and am now following, check out my blog & follow me too!