Thursday, 9 February 2012

Review: Maybelline DreamMatte Powder

For ultra fine, natural, matte perfection

So I caved - I bought the Maybelline Dream Matte Powder. This is a cult favorite on youtube, with many of my favorite bloggers claiming to love this as a setting powder. Unfortunately, in Australia, we only have two shades available, but I picked one up which seemed to be a close match, and dove in from there.

So this is a medium coverage powder that has numerous claims:
- Oil-blotting ingredients in this pressed powder keep your face fresh for hours.
- 100% oil-free for a no-shine, matte finish 
- Won't clog pores or cause blemishes 
- Suitable for acne-prone skin

The packaging of the colour I picked up said 03 Cream, but according to the website, they're are only two shades available in Australia, which are Light and Medium (so I'm guessing my shade is light). It also comes in a nice, sturdy little container. The top flips open to reveal the powder, and the bottom swings out to reveal a powder puff thing and a mirror, which is extremely handy to have when on the go!

Now, onto my thoughts - let me tell you, this product is amazing! I'm a convert! This powder actually gives some coverage  and doesn't look cakey at all. To top it off, it's super blendable, and it even works perfectly with my skin tone. 

It is a smooth, lightweight formula that controls shine on an un-noticable level. In the ridiculous heat wave Melbourne just had, I'd chuck this in my bag and top up at work, and my face would look no different from when I had just applied my foundation. It really is an amazing setting powder!

This retails for about $18.95AU, and I think it is totally worth it. I would definitely repurchase the  Dream Matte Powder

Have you ever tried this?
Love Gianna


  1. Hi! Found you through Monday Beauties :)

    I have this powder, but I haven't tried it on myself. It's a part of my freelance kit - and it is amazing. I can use the light shades on any skin tone as a setting powder and it looks great. I'm thinking of getting one for myself as well.

  2. You defs should! It gets rid of shine and looks super natural :)