Monday, 27 February 2012

Holy Fail of the Week: OPI's Black Cherry Chutney

So this week, after having a bit of rough time, I decided I needed some therapy - so of course I decided to do my nails! I had a bit of a look through my collection, and finally settled on a colour my mum had given me. A colour that looked super pretty in the bottle and I was excited to put on, OPI's Black Cherry Chutney.

This looked like a gorgeous purple-based maroon with extremely finely milled blue and red toned glitter in the light. Unfortunately, I was highly disappointed.

Sorry for the bad quality, but this highlights the bottle colour.

The colour went on the nail completely different - a regular maroon color - and only under direct light does it appear that the red glitter might sparkle slightly.

Moving past the colour, after I had done a full blown manicure (base coat, top coats, no chip coats, quick dry drops), it took less than 24 hours for the tips of multiple nails to chip! 24 hours! That is ridiculous! I do have issues with nail tips chipping quite quickly, but having multiple chips in less then a day was super frustrating. It could be due to all the layers of polish I mentioned, but I do that all the time without the same results. I'm putting it down to a bad formulation.

I am a major fan of OPI polishes, but this one greatly disappointed me. I will certainly not be using it again, as I found the formula nothing amazing, and the colour less than special.

Have you tried any dud nail polishes?


  1. Hi Gianna what a bummer! My recent "fail" polish was a Rimmel one in Black Cherries... also chipped big time within 24 hrs. :(

  2. Super bummer Gianna. I felt just as disappointed when a Color Club glitter basically just peeled off - when does that EVER happen?