Monday, 27 February 2012

Holy Grail of The Week: Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Illuminating Concealer (Mini Review)

So this may be a little cliche, as this baby has been making away around the beauty blogging community for a while, but one of my recent, new loves has been the Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Illuminating Concealer. 

Being a teenager (well, edging closer to twenty), as well as a uni student, I have killer black circles under my eyes, that no amount of sleep can erase. I literally need to layer up concealer to cover the rings, and then my eyes look ridiculous with full coverage, caked on makeup. I had this problem until I found this product. I had seen many American reviews about this product around, and then began to notice Aussie bloggers and YouTubers beginning to mention it, which was when I thought I should try it out. My priceline is tiny - always running out of stock and having smaller displays than other stores, so I was highly surprised when I noticed this product sitting on the shelf, hiding behind a big display.

Dream Lumi Touch, illuminates while it conceals, delivering a natural result.
                                                      - Lightweight, gel-infused formula
- Skin looks instantly brighter
- Never heavy or cakey
- Soft-touch brush applicator to help achieve flawless coverage

These claims on the Maybelline website are 100% accurate in my opinion! This creamy formula is dispensed from a twist up nozzle into a bristle top, that you brush on directly to the skin, then pat in to the skin. It conceals blemishes and circles, as well as brightens the under eye area. For both eyes, I find that two clicks is more then enough product to swipe and apply onto the eye area, which blends in quite easily.

The Lumi Touch concealer comes in three shades: light, medium and dark. I didn't either bother looking at the dark, and swatched both the light and medium in the store. I felt, looking at both on my skin, that either could have worked, but thought medium looked a bit more pink toned, and light looked a bit more yellow toned. Having no idea about anything to do with colours and my skin (except that I'm classified as 'light' or 'fair'), I opted for the light. It does a brilliant job at highlighting my under eye area, but is too light for my skin, so doesn't cover the black circles completely. That is the only flaw with this product, and that is simply due to my own miscalculation.

Shade 'Light': swatched, and blended

This product has been compared to the highly popular Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat, which I think is an amazing achievement for a 'drugstore' brand. The only thing which I believe could be improved is the colour range available, making it appeal and usable by more people. This is marketed as a concealer, and it does that perfectly for under eye circles, but I wouldn't dare use this on blemishes, because although it would conceal them, it would also highlight them - the opposite of what you want.

Retailing for approximately $18AU, I think the Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Illuminating Concealer is an amazing buy! It can be used as both a concealer and illuminator (with the Maybelline website suggesting to use it on cheeks, brow bones and the corner of eyes to brighten and highlight). I would highly recommend you trying this out as soon as you can!

Have you tried the Lumi Touch Concealer? What did you think?


  1. Just found your blog through Monday beauties blog hop. New Follower! :)


  2. I picked one of these up a couple of weeks ago. I'm an instant convert. So in love.

  3. This looks so good! Thanks for the review Gianna!

  4. i've never heard of it before and i live in brisbane but i actually have never seen it in price line.
    And i was just there today lol
    Might keep an eye on it next time.. great post, thanks for sharing Gianna

    Rina xx

  5. Great review Gianna. I also wonder how this compares to the Instant Age Rewind illuminator and concealers everyone is banging on about.

  6. gonna have to try this out! new follower!