Monday, 5 March 2012

Holy Grail of the Week: Intense ShadowBlast (Review Included)

There have been many hyped-up products in the Australian beauty blogging community - new products from Aussie brands, or products from American brands that are finally reaching our shores. One of the products to finally hit the shores of Australia is the CoverGirl Intense ShadowBlast's: a liquid primer and eyeshadow in one. These tubes are filled with a shimmery hit of intense colour with brilliant staying power, packed into an amazing, multipurpose liquid.

Top: Beige Blaze, Bottom: Brown Bling

Intensify your eye look! Our innovative formula of rich eyeshadow with built-in primer gives you intense crease-resistant color that lasts for hours. Intense ShadowBlast is rich color that stays! 

The two colors I purchased where Beige Blaze, a shimmery beige champagne, and Brown Bling, a shimmery chocolate brown. I bought these because they seemed like the two most versatile colors in the collection, and I knew I'd definitely get some use out of these shades. The collection also includes a nice blue-toned grey, a green, a pink and a blue, all with shimmery finishes.

Now, the most important aspect: staying power. Considering these are a primer, as well as a shadow, you would expect a good staying power, as well as it being a good base. You can apply this thickly on to be a strong color, or blended as a primer with a wash of sheeny color, and as long as you let it dry, this baby will stay put. I've worn it with and without a primer, and it only creased when it was applied thickly without being allowed to dry properly. It stayed amazingly, and lasted for hours! Considering this is a 'drugstore' product, and only $14AU, I did not expect this shadow to be that good.

Top: Swatched heavily (beige, brown)
Bottom: Blended out (beige, brown)

As you can tell, these creamy liquids are richly pigmented, and look beautiful on it's own or as a blended our base. I personally prefer the brown as an eyeshadow as opposed to blended out, but I love the beige either way! It's one of those colors that look good with everything!

I've had these for a couple of weeks now, and although I haven't used the brown as much, I've been using the cream as either an eyeshadow, shimmery base, or highlight nearly everyday! As they last most of the day, I find I can wear them on its own for a quick and easy makeup look on days I have to rush.

I think the Intense ShadowBlast products are brilliant! Products with multipurpose uses that work as all the things they are marketed as (e.g work as both a primer and a eyeshadow) are amazing - they are great for people on a budget, because they can get more for their money and a great quality product, at least in relation to these shadows. I highly recommend that if you see these shadows, purchase them! You will not regret it.

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