Thursday, 15 March 2012

Holy Fail of the Week (just passed) : Clean and Clear Advantage Pimple Control Set

I am sooooooo sorry that these posts are so late! Like I said in my update post, I've been a little sick, as well as busy, so I wasn't able to get them up, but I guess it is better late then never! Anyway, on to the disappointment of the past few months week.

I picked this set up on sale in the summer, because I was running out of a cleanser and having trouble with some spots at the time. I thought $15 for this set was a great deal, because it included a cleanser, toner, moisturizer and treatment for spots!

Unfortunately, I was highly disappointed. I know you're supposed to allow about 6 weeks for a skincare routine to take effect, but using this consistently for two weeks, then on and off for weeks after that, and I noticed absolutely no change! Spots will gradually fade over time naturally, but the fading of mine was not attributed to this, nor did these products stop the emergence of new spots.

I also found the toner to be particularly harsh - it had a strong alcohol smell and although I could feel it cleaning my skin, I could also feel how chemically it was.

I am generally a fan of Clean & Clear products - my first ever skin care routine was their three-step program, and I still use their moisturizer today, but unfortunately, this has not impressed me. I'll only continue using these products until I finish them. No need to waste them I guess.

These didn't work for me, so personally, I wouldn't recommend them to anyone else, but kudos if they worked for you!

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