Sunday, 13 November 2011

Review: 10.0.6 No Time To Shine Oil-Absorbing Mud Mask

Take control of excess oil with No Time To Shine. The Sea Minerals and Kaolin Clay are the star ingredients that draw out and eliminate excess oil. Couple these with Calendula and Sea Kelp and your complexion will be beautifully balanced and toned.

This is not the first 10.0.6 product I've used - I love the pore strips, hated the tinted moisturizer and was wary of the Deep Down Detox Mud Mask (much for the same reasons of this). The bright and modern packaging was what first attracted me to the products and they do seem to be quality products, but I think they would work best for certain types of skin.

I've tried this product out once, and I feel like it did do what it claimed to do: My skin felt clean, toned and smoothed, just like after a good clean. I can't comment too much on how it has benefited my complexion after one use, because I am slightly wary to reuse it, for one specific reason. The mask comes out in a smooth gray paste that is applied in a thin coating over the face and has a fairly pleasant smell. The main issue I have with this mask, like with the other mask I used from this brand, is that it has an instant tingling sensation, and not in a good way. It almost feels like stinging, and you can just tell that there is is either an abundance of chemicals, or an odd mixture of ingredients - it is not a pleasant feeling to have on your face. 

There is a major difference in the feel of this compared to a favorite of mine, the natural Lush Cupcake Mask, which is also a mud mask targeting oil. I find the cupcake mask has no tingling sensation at all, is not too heavy, gives the same smoothing results and has the added bonus of smelling like chocolate!

Apart from that, I don't have too many other issues with the mask. I feel like that if you have a good routine (cleansing, toning and moisturizing) you could get the same smooth feeling and results, but I guess every now and then your skin needs a good clean, and this could do the trick. I think this mask is better for combination to oily skin, just because of what it does and is designed to do. I would not recommend it to people with sensitive skin, and I think it would be too harsh for dry skinned people.

I would consider using it again but certainly not more than 3 times a week. I might go out and try the Pores Be Pure, simply because I feel like it targets my needs better. I do think if you are considering a new mask to try this out, because I purchased one sachet for $1.99 from Priceline, and I believe there to be about 3 uses in there, depending on how much you use.

Do you have any masks you are a fan of?
Love Gianna


  1. It's such a shame that you found the masks to sting, because I have the Formula 10.0.6 mask in Deep Down Detox and I like it! I also quite like the tinted moisturiser, however it is a little bit dark. Have you done a review on it? If so, it would be lovely if you could.

  2. Hi Gianna,

    You won my giveaway!! But I tried to email you and it wouldn't deliver. Not sure why. So can you please e-mail me your mailing address to so I can post your prize out to you this week! Congrats :)

    I too tried this brand of face mask out because I was attracted to the packaging haha but yeah the one I tried (can't remember the name but it was in the orange tube) stung so bad that I had to take it straight off!

    Hannah xo

  3. i have this in the pink tube and same as what hannah said above me, my face stung like you have no idea so i took it off immediately.

    im following your blog, i love seeing how new blogs blossom !!

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