Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Holiday Nail Polish Haul Part 1: China Glaze

From left to right: Holly-day, Glittering Garland, Twinkle Lights, Snow Globe

I've never used a China Glaze polish before, but after hearing so many great things about the brand in general, I've been wanting to give them a shot for a while. When I saw the China Glaze Let It Snow 2011 Holiday Collection, I knew I had to make these the beginning of my collection! There are so many beautiful shades that just scream 'Christmas' (or holiday season in general) to me, so I had to limit myself to four, but there are two more I'm debating about getting.

Firstly, I apologize for the quality of some of these pictures. I found it so hard to capture the beauty and true colour of these polishes, but despite the blur, this shot is true to colour! Holly-day is a beautiful holly-green creme polish. As a collection colour, it is one of the more simple colours, but I don't have a green like this in my collection, so I'm sure this will get plenty of use. This took two coats to get full coverage.

Twinkle Lights
This colour is certainly tied for first as a favorite. It is a glitter with a clear base, filled with green, red and gold glitter (the majority being gold). It's lovely as a top coat, and super fun as a polish on its own. The best way I can describe it is as like tinsel in a bottle! Love it.

Snow Globe
This is a such a nice polish that really does live up to its name. Snow globe is clear glitter with transparent-silver like glitter in various shades that, (from what I can tell) really does look like snow flakes. Certainly a glitter that could be worn all year round.

Glittering Garland
This was another shade that I found really hard to shoot, because no matter how I took the pictures, it could not stand up to the true beauty of this polish. As you can probably tell, this colour is the other of my favorites from this collection. This is an emerald green jelly with green and gold glitter - these combined make the ultimate Christmas green colour ever. It took two coats of this polish for full coverage, and as the first ever C.G colour I used, I was super impressed with the formula and consistency. This is also more of a guilty pleasure - not one that would be worn heaps throughout the year, but rather for special occasions

From left to right: Thick coating of Twinkle Lights, Twinkle lights over Holly-day, Holly-day

Glittering Garland

From left to right: Thin coat of Snow Globe, Thick coat of Snow Globe, Snow Globe over OPI's Malaga Wine

Overall I am highly impressed with the range and consistency of China Glaze and will certainly be buying from them again. Thr one issue I had is that I cannot find China Glaze in Melbourne, so I did have to order them online. Well worth the wait though.

Do you own any China Glaze colours you love? Have you found them in Australia?
Love Gianna

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