Thursday, 27 December 2012

Travellers Dilemma: Inglot Freedom System Situation

Hello All! As you most likely know by now, in under 10 days, I'll be leaving to go study in the US for a year, so I'm nearly ready to start sorting through everything and figure out what I want to take with me. For a while now, I've had two Inglot 5 pan freedom system palettes, but they haven't been full - I have seven shades, as little-by-little I've been adding shades.
I have two different sets of colours, that eventually, would have led to a grey, smokey palette, along with a neutral brown/taupe palette. However, as I only have 7 eyeshadows, and am not willing to go out and buy more right before I head out to the Land of Cheap Makeup, I had a dilemma - what shades should I choose to make up a palette that would work?
Like I said, I had two ranges of colours, the neutral brown/taupe shades, and two grey shades, as well as a lighter cream shade that could work for both. Although I had to choose only 5, I spent way to long trying to figure out which should make up the palette that would work for me, with colours I wouldn't regret leaving behind or bringing.
The Inglot colours that I have are (from left, top): Pearl 444, Pearl 454, Pearl 423, Matter 363, Pearl 409, AMC Shine 31, Eyeshadow 30

The darker grey (Pearl 444) is the first shade I every bought from Inglot, and I love it so much that it was a given that that would be included. The golden brown (Pearl 409) was the only colour that I could immediately rule out - I find it to be a generic brown that is highly similar to Smog in the UD Naked Palette, which I am also bringing, so that could be parted with.

I knew I needed the lighter highlight/lid colour (30) as that is a colour that could work with both colours. The honey gold (AMC Shine 31), which resembles the Rubenesque paint pot from mac to me, just appeals to me - I don't have anything like it and just needed to have it, which is why I picked it up originally!

The biggest problem I had was choosing between the final three - a shimmery, brown toned maroon (Pearl 423), a silver (Pearl 454) and a matte taupe (Matte 363). I do not have any matte eyeshadow like that shade, the maroon is just really pretty, but I don't have many silver shadows, and every now and then I do enjoy a silver eye. I really struggled choosing between them all!

From left: Pearl 44, Pearl 454, AMC Shine 31, Eyeshadow 30, Matte 363, Pearl 423, Pearl 49

But in the end, this is what my final Palette ended up looking like. I dropped the light silver and added the matte taupe and maroon to the palette.
Writing this, I'm not even sure I made the right choice! I don't think I'll be bringing any other silvers, so maybe I should be switching out 423 for 454, as I'll have way too many neutrals with me! 

What do you think? Did I make the right choice? What would you have done?

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