Saturday, 29 December 2012

Review: Bioderma Sebium H20

This micellar water is a breakthrough single-step cleansing water that allows you to easily remove makeup and skin impurities without sacrificing your skin's natural hydration. There's actually no need to rinse Sebium H2O from your skin after use. One swipe and you've refreshed, cleansed and purified your skin and excess sebum is also reduced and fluidified. Once professional make-up artists caught wind of this wonderful product, they took advantage of its ability to remove makeup without reddening the face of their models or damaging their other products. Try it today and transform your cleansing routine into one simple and effective step.

One of the lasted craze's in the Beauty community is Bioderma and their amazing cleansing waters - everyone from Ingrid from missglamorazzi, to Rachael from RachaelJade has tried, tested and raved about this simple, yet innovative product.

The two main cleansing waters are the Bioderma Crealine H2O, the gentle, skin strengthening formula that will be suitable for the most sensitive skin, and this one, the Bioderma Sebium H2O.

This product is amazing! It can work as a gentle makeup remover, as well as a toner for after cleansing. It is marketed as being able to help reduce excess sebum from the skin, and therefore targeted to oily to combination skin. You should know, whilst I have normal to combination skin, depending the season, time of the month etc, I generally tend to drift towards products marketed for combination skin, hence my choice of product.

Now, this product certainly does live up to its uses. Not only does it work like a dream to take of makeup, it does it in a way that requires little scrubbing and painful rubbing. I don't use it to specifically take off my mascara (just because I have really sensitive eyes), but it does work like a dream to remove leftover mascara and eye products left on the skin.

It also works extremely well as an after cleansing toner, because, as it can be used as a gentle cleanser on its own, it removes any traces of leftover or deep-in-pores makeup. Sometimes, if I'm feeling really lazy or tired before bed, after I take my makeup off with a wipe, I'll wipe this over my face, and it leaves my skin feeling soft and clean.

The best part about this micellar water, apart from the removing of impurities and no need for a rinse, is that you only need to use the tiniest amount! Obviously you will need more to remove makeup, but if I use this as a toner or a quick cleanser, I only need 2-3 drop on a cotton wipe for it to do the job - any more and it feels like too much liquid going on my face and a waste.

I would highly recommend this water to anyone - a multi-use product that is good for your skin and saves time should become a regular part of any beauty fanatic's routine! It's so good that I'm planning on packing it on my carry on for quick touch ups on the plane.

100mL size comparison 

I purchased the 100mL for $19.95 from the BellaBox website in Australia.

What do you think? Have you tried it?


  1. I have yet to try cleansing waters, but I do think it's a great option for traveling... and I love product descriptions especially when they use words like 'fluidified' :)

  2. this sounds so good but i am yet to try it,i will have to give it a go thanks for sharing :)

  3. You can get the 250ml bottle for about $15 with free shipping from