Friday, 4 January 2013

What Brushes I'm Bringing to 'College'

Hello Lovelies! As you know, I'm off to the US in a few days, and I'm going through the painful process of packing. Being the little beauty junkie that I am, my cosmetics were the first things that I had sorted and ready to go. However, my brushes were another story.

I'm not sure about you, but in Australia, we do not have the same college atmosphere as in the US. Unless you're a long distance student, they do not readily ofter for students to live on campus, rather live nearby, or commute everyday. Personally, I have never lived away from home for such a long time. I also have no idea what a traditional dorm room is like, apart from a few stories I have heard about tiny rooms, with minimal space. So whilst I'm trying to limit my belongings, I've also been trying to minimise the cosmetics I'm bringing, because I know I won't have much room for it all. And here is where the brush dilemma comes in - how many can I bring, and store, in a way that doesn't take up much room, but ensures I'll have everything I'll need.

However, in the lead up to going, America had this beautiful thing called Black Friday (which, from what I can gather, is similar to our Boxing Day) where stores had great sales, and Sigma had free shipping! Last time I purchased from Sigma, I bought 3 brushes, and shipping for that totalled $15AU, which I thought was ridiculous! Therefore, I made the decision to purchased the full size Mrs Bunny Brush Kit, a 12 piece brush set which comes with a cute travel Brush holder, which doubles as two brush holders. It has every brush you could want - powder, foundation, cheek and a collection of eye brushes, all in a cute colour and handy storage, with amazingly soft vegan bristles. I know it's been out for ages, but if you would like review, or have any questions, just let me know.

Although this amazing set (which I am completely in love with, if you hadn't guessed) has every brush you could need, it doesn't have a few of my staple brushes, which I use on a regular basis. The foundation brushes they provide are a paddle brush, which I can't get to work for foundation, and a stippling brush, which I prefer to use for blush, as it is light and flowy. Therefore, I needed to fit in my sigma f80 flat kabuki, which is a staple for flawless foundation. Another thing this kit doesn't have is a regular sized blending brush, as opposed to a large one (the E40 is contained), so I brought along my E25. I also packed my small Essence crease brush, which is more rounded and compact, when compared to the pencil brush. I've also added an eyebrow comb, and a travel size thin eyeliner brush, along with a Napoleon Perdis blush brush which I have had forever, that I could not part with.

It took some time, tetris skills and lots of repacking, but I finally got them all in there, and packed in my overstuffed suitcase! Not long now!

Do you think you could split up your collection? What would be staples in your collection?


  1. Oh I feel your pain! I am absolutely hopeless when it comes to packing a sensible amount of things for a trip, no matter how long I am going for. I always seem to find myself going, "Well I might need a bright red lipstick while I'm going camping," or "Well I might need six blushes for a two day weekend." I'm shocking, but it's fun!

  2. honestly, if this were me, i'd take all of them :L x

  3. i totally agree this is a great set from sigma,you should try their defining eyes brushes too i cant live without them now :)

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  5. Haha I'd take all of 'em too. Although, we do have a lot of affordable makeup compared to Australia (I remember when I was there American brand mascaras were ridiculously priced), so you may end up buying stuff while you're here ;P

    Found ya through the blog hop, I'm a new follower :)

    <3, Mel