Sunday, 6 January 2013

NOTD: Simple but Fabulous

So we all have those things that make us instantly perk up when we see them - some people like puppies, some people like cookies, some people like flowers. Personally, there are two things that, 98% of the time, will instantaneously make me happy, and they are coffee and pretty nails. Whether it be fancy nail art, or a simple manicure with a a colour that makes happy, it will instantly brighten this mood.

Now the main colour I have used is my absolute favourite of all time, cobalt blue. Anything in this colour I adore. This particular polish I am using instantly makes me feel glamorous every time I wear it, and this colour is Sportsgirl's Nail It! in Cobalt (yeah, original name). It is a gorgeous, deep cobalt duochrome, that although is beautiful, is quite sheer and requires at least 3 coats. I think this is great, affordable dupe for OPI DS Magic (an absolutely amazing colour).

Now anyone who knows me, knows that accent nails are my thing - unless I'm in a super cbf mood, I will always have an accent nail. Whether it compliments the other colour or not, if I'm dying to use a colour and can't decide between two, one will end up on my accent nail. This week I was really in the mood to use the gorgeous Revlon nail enamel 167 Scandalous.

If you've been in the beauty community for a while, you would recognize this polish. I first saw it mentioned on FleurDeForce and instantly fell in love! It is varying sizes of chunky and micro deep purple in a sheer black base. You can build it up to full coverage, but I personally just do a coat of a black polish with a coat of this over the top. This is just a fabulous polish that glams up any look!

I really adore both of these polishes, and they always glam up any outfit I'm wearing!
What's your favourite fabulous nail combination?


  1. Pretty! I would never be able to pull off a blue but you can with such ease! I love my reds, pinks and oranges, the warm summery colours on my nails!

  2. I love Scandalous! It's such an amazing shade :)

  3. Oooo I love that blue! It is such a pretty colour :)
    LaceyLoves x