Sunday, 22 April 2012

Review and Swatches: Maybelline Color Tattoo's

The first thing I have to say before anything else is: THESE ARE NOT YET AVAILABLE IN AUSTRALIA! Unfortunately for all us Aussie's, unless you have a super nice penpal or are willing to order off eBay, like myself, you don't have access to these little tubs of wonder just yet. But believe me when I say,  you want to try source them as soon as you can!

Maybelline Eye Studio Color Tattoo's, are 24hr Cream Gel Shadows that have been compared to MAC Paint Pots, in texture, pigmentation and lasting power.

The two shades I ordered were 15 Audacious Asphalt (left) and 35 Tough as Taupe.
The cream eyeshadows, which come in gorgeous clear glass jars with a screw-top black lid, so that you can see the colour through the bottom, are the perfect addition to any makeup kit! They feel dry to the touch, but swatch as an incredibly smooth, pigmented cream shadow. 

Audacious Asphalt is a light charcoal, blue-grey with finely milled silver glitter. The glitter, which I was originally worried about, isn't at all chunky and obnoxious, but rather provides a little sparkle to the eye, and brightens up the eye. I find that this is the perfect base for a smokey eye, or can even be worn as a shade on its own. It is really a flattering colour!

Tapestry Taupe, is a very different colour. It is a grey and purple toned, chocolate-taupe shade (I'm not too good at colour matching), and is also a matte shadow, unlike the others in this collection. So many reviews I've read and watched have remarked on the uniqueness of this shade, because there aren't too many, if at all, cream shadows resembling this colour, on the market, particularly a matte shade! This makes it a perfect staple for everyday, or dramatic makeup, because it works with just about any neutral, smokey eye, or other look just perfectly. I am so glad I purchased this one particularly!

Left: Audacious Asphalt, Right: Tapestry Taupe

Although I have never tried one of MAC's Paint Pot's, I completely understand what the hype iver these is about! With no creasing, and amazing wear, these are amazing additions to any makeup user's collection.

I am completely satisfied with the two shades I picked. Although all the shades are stunning, and I had to stop myself from buying the gorgeous teal shade (simply because I tend to shy away from colours and I was scared it would sit unused), right now, if I had to pick another shade, it would have to be Bad to the Bronze, which I can just see myself gluing to my Naked Palette! Such a pretty coppery-bronze shadow.

I definitely rate these a 10/10, and suggest that the minute you can find these, that you try pick yourself some up! I sourced around on ebay and ended up finding mine for about $7AU each, plus $5AU p&h, which is a pretty good deal, considering I can see them marked less than $15 (at the minimum) in Australia!

P.S Due to the overwhelming number of entries for my giveaway, the results won't be posted for at least a few days.

Have you tried them yet?


  1. I live in America and have yet to try these because I've seen some pretty negative reviews but I think I'll give Tapestry Taupe a try, I like that it's not a shimmer but a matte

  2. Aw I LOVE these! I'm glad you finally got your hands on some, they are pretty good !

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  4. Oh wow I've been eyeing these for so long considering! They look amazing!
    If you don't mind me asking, which ebay seller did you go through? I always like to make sure a seller is good before I buy from them, and if you received yours intact, that's enough for me :)

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